Red Flowers 101

Red flowers are the flowers of love, passion and desire. This article will provide you the meanings of red flowers and tips of how you can use them in arrangements.

Red is a color that draws attention. A warm, hot color, red represents love. Associated with love and evil, red represents both passionate love and the flames of hell. Red is the color of blood and of violence. As you can see, it represents different things, but both very powerful in meaning and expression. An energetic color, red is often associated with danger – there are various signal and traffic signs that are painted red for warning. As well as the other colors, red has different meanings in different cultures. For example, in China, red represents happiness and good luck, but in South Africa red it is a symbol for mourning the dead. It was scientifically proven that people that work in red environments move faster, but make more mistakes, in consequence. Red is also known to have been the color of communism and thus, it has now remained stained with this symbol. But, overall, red is primarily the color of love.

Red Flower Meaning

Red flowers are the lovers’ flowers, especially the red roses. They are exciting, filled with passion and love. They are romantic and deep in meaning. Apart from the meaning of love, they also stand for courage, energy and sexuality, the red orchid being most of all a symbol of sensuality.

Red Flowers in Arrangements

Red flower arrangements are superb! Apart from the fact that they have a very deep meaning, red flowers are often used in arrangements in a wide variety of color palettes and flower combinations. The arrangements are specific to the rich as they are a symbol of prosperity and well-being.

If you want to mix up your red flowers with other colors and you have trouble picking the right shades, here are a few tips:

  • Combine them with white ones for a delicate result. The reds will stand out from the white abundance and will enrich your eye with their beauty! Red calla lilies for instance, will match superbly with white calla lilies.
  • A delicate combination is that used with pink. The pink shades will tone down the bright red and become softer. Think of mixing red gerbera daisies with pink ones.
  • Red flowers, if combined with green ones or any kind of greenery will always have a Christmas look so, remember this when creating your Christmas arrangements.This goes especially for red lilies.
  • Combining them with cool blue flowers offer a great contrast, chilling the hotness of red. Red hydrangeas mixed with light blue flowers offer a great contrast.
  • Even though you may see them in florists shops, blue and red flowers don’t go so well together, as they are both powerful colors that battle for the first spot in the bouquet, so don’t use them very often.
  • Another bright combination is that of red with yellow and orange. These will surely make you look directly at them, in any circumstances. The red tulips are most suitable for use in this color palette.
  • Purple may also be an option, but, like blue, it is also a powerful color, so if you really want a red and purple arrangement, go with lighter shades of purple, such as lavender and use red flowers such as anthurium.

Red Flowers for Weddings

For weddings these flowers are quite a traditional thing. Of course, the most spread flowers used in weddings are the red roses, as they clearly are the perfect sign of love between the bride and the groom.

Red flowers are almost always mixed with white flowers in wedding arrangements as in this way, love can be combined with purity and innocence.

They also may be used as table centerpieces, if the table cloths are beige or cream, or white – this will definitely look elegant. They can be worn as corsages or in boutonnieres, in the bride’s hair or veil, round the bridesmaids’ necks.

For a budget bride, don’t hesitate to use red carnations for your centerpieces or buttoniers. For a tropical bride, the red hibiscus is a must.

However, try to keep your wedding arrangements simple, don’t mix other bright colors as you might diminish the beauty of the “red” and your arrangement may easily become a little circus tent, that is unless you want to have a Boehme wedding, filled with all the colors of the world.