Business Guide · April 7, 2011

China-Singapore visa-free agreement to take effect in April

The mutual visa-free agreement for Chinese and Singaporean diplomatic, official and official ordinary passport holders will come into effect starting April 17, according to the website of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to sources, the “Mutual Visa-Free Agreement of the PRC Government and the Government of the Republic of Singapore on Diplomatic, Official and Official Ordinary Passport Holders” was signed in Singapore on Feb. 18, 2011. The two sides have completed their legal procedures and confirmed that the agreement will come into effect starting April 17, 2011.

The agreement said that Chinese citizens holding valid diplomatic, official and official ordinary passports and Singaporean citizens holding valid diplomatic and official passports are able to enjoy 30-day transit visa-free service for entering the other contracting country.

Chinese and Singaporean citizens who want to enter the other contracting country and stay for more than 30 days or for the purpose of working, studying or any profitable activity should apply for visas and passports in accordance with relevant provisions of competent authority before arriving at the territory of the other contracting country.