Kitchen · September 21, 2021

KitchenAid KCM0802CU Review 2021

While it was one of the slower models, the resulting coffee tasted great. Plus, this unit has a stylish look to compliment your décor.

The KitchenAid Custom Pour Over Coffee Brewer is an eye-catching coffee maker that ranked in the middle of the pack for most of our tests. It was one of the slower ones we tried, but the testers were pretty happy with the quality of the coffee it produced.

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To test coffee makers, we prepared the same amount of the same exact coffee with the same amount of water in each of our contenders and made note of the quality of the resulting coffee and the speed and ease of the whole process. The KitchenAid took almost 10 minutes to prepare 8 cups of coffee, and that is slower than all but one other competing product. That 10 minutes is not that big of a deal on most mornings, especially since you do not have to babysit the machine. But it might be annoying on a morning that you are running late. On the bright side, this is one of the programmable models, so you can set it all up the night before to make coffee at a convenient time.

This unit may take a little longer than others, but the resulting cup of coffee is piping hot. This one tied for the highest temperatures in our coffee making tests. A few degrees may not matter much, but the closer the coffee gets to the ideal, the better. The National Coffee Association recommends water temperatures be between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The coffee we made with this KitchenAid coffee maker was about 183. Most units we tried made much cooler coffee.

Our testers liked the look of this coffee maker, which comes in a few different shades to match your décor. It is almost the tallest one we tested, so beware if you have low-hanging overhead kitchen cabinets. It’s also narrow, though, so its footprint on the countertop below is minimal.

This was not among the faster units we tried, so if you are concerned about speed it might not be a good fit. Since it is programmable, though, it can do its work without much human help. You can set it up the night before and not feel like you are waiting around for coffee. The coffee it produced was hotter than most, and most testers liked the flavor when comparing it to the stuff we made in other top-rated coffee makers.