Business Guide · August 20, 2021

Singapore Airlines offers flights for vaccinated people from Germany

Singapore plans to slowly open up to foreign and vaccinated travelers. The first step will be taken by business travelers in September. Singapore Airlines is now responding with a corresponding flight offer – for vaccinated passengers only.

Singapore was also completely closed for a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, however, the small island and city-state is planning to slowly open its doors again to foreign visitors – including those from Germany. These must be vaccinated thereby and the countries of origin fulfill certain factors, so that journeys from these to Singapore become possible, as LoyaltyLobby reports. And as reports, Singapore Airlines is now appropriately offering flights only for vaccinated travelers from Frankfurt and Munich.

Business travelers to get started

Good news for all German travelers drawn to Singapore: The city-state plans to open up to vaccinated travelers from September – including those from Germany. This would mean that Singapore would slowly say goodbye to its strict travel restrictions. Initially, vaccinated business travelers from countries such as Germany, Canada, and South Korea will be able to travel to Singapore. Later, tourist entries (also subject to vaccination) are to be possible again. At least after the opening for business travelers, suitable measures will be selected for the tourist opening, for which no date has been set yet.

According to the media, the pilot program provides for “controlled travel routes” so that the cautious reopening for international travel is guaranteed, with a constant eye on the numbers of infected persons and the virus variants of the individual countries. Singapore is said to be in talks with Germany, Canada, South Korea as well as Australia to create such an arrangement, also with regard to leisure travel. According to Singapore’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Gan Kim Yong, factors such as the number of infections, the progress of vaccination, and the containment measures and possibilities of those countries also play an important role.

In the pilot, we are likely to focus more on business travel, but beyond business travel, we are also looking at the possibility of leisure travel, particularly to those safer countries, those with a lower infection rate. We will need to pilot-run some of this with an organized itinerary, probably with organized tour groups, to be able to find ways to bubble-wrap them for the journey and with specifically designated places that they can visit.

Gan Kim Yong, Singapore’s Minister for Economic Affairs

More and more countries are allowing especially vaccinated travelers back into the country. Sometimes with strict rules, as is the case in Thailand with the Phuket Sandbox, or completely without restrictions, as long as vaccination can be proven. With Singapore now follows another popular destination that also wants to let vaccinated travelers from Germany back into the country, even if initially only business travelers. But shortly thereafter, tourist visitors could also be welcomed back.