Business Guide · September 14, 2021

Youtuber charged with sexual solicitation of minors

Dee Kosh, also a popular Singaporean DJ, has been accused by young Internet users of, among other things, sending them naked photos in private messages.

Singapore’s star YouTuber Dee Kosh was charged on Thursday with offering money to teenagers in exchange for sex and faces several years in jail. The police in the Southeast Asian city-state launched an investigation after receiving information about the alleged money offers. The police said they had “a tough response to sex crime, especially that which affects vulnerable victims such as young people”.

Dee Kosh, 32 and with 367,000 subscribers on YouTube, gained popularity with videos in which he chats alone or with friends. He was also a popular DJ for a channel music radio station before being put on leave when the investigation was launched. Last year, several young Internet users accused him of asking for sexual favors and sending naked photos of himself in private messages.

The YouTuber, whose real name is Darryl Ian Koshy, faced several charges at a hearing on Thursday, local media reported. He was charged with offering money to young men aged 15 and 17 for sexual services. He was also accused of making indecent films and possessing indecent videos, which are illegal under the island’s laws.

He faces several years in prison and a heavy fine if found guilty. In a statement last year, the Youtuber denied some of the allegations but admitted “some truth”. He acknowledged that messages sent to a 15-year-old were “problematic” and “inappropriate”.